Transition Kits

The Fiaria Project creates what we call “Transition Kits” for foster families and children. The kits consist of clothing, toiletries and other basic items, and are created based on the ages of the foster children in need. The Fiaria Project distributes these kits for free to local foster agencies and related organizations, which then identify foster families that need the kits during or after child placement.

Help Build A Transition Kit

Is your group, organization, or class looking for a way to help foster kids? Build a Transition Kit! It’s simple: Use the list below and gather any or all of these NEW items for any age from infant to 18 and deliver them to us (contact us for drop off details). We’ll be sure to give the Transition Kit to foster kids and families in need.

NEW Items For Kits 

Standard Transition Kit (Ages 1-18):
1 Backpack
5 Tops (Shirt, Blouse)
5 Bottoms (Skirts, Pants)
5 Pairs Of Socks
7 Pairs Of Underwear
1 Pajamas Set
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste
1 Conditioner
1 Shampoo
1 Hair Brush Or Comb
1 Bar of Soap

Additional Items (Based on Inventory and Need):
Pillow/Pillow Case
Soft Toy Or Book

Seasonal Items (Based on Inventory and Need):
Winter Coat
Snow Boots
Snow Pants
Winter Hats and Gloves
Swim Suits
Flip Flops

Infant Transition Kit (Ages 0-1)
5 Pairs of Socks
5 Onesies
1 Baby Box & Printed Lid
1 Waterproof Cover
1 Fitted Baby Mattress
1 Ultra Soft, 100% Cotton Sheet
1 Zipper Bag
1 Sleepsack
1 Axillary Thermometer
1 Lovey
1 Romper
2 Terry Cloth Bibs
3 Organic Washcloths
3 Organic Burp Cloths
1 Pair of Mittens
1 Newborn Cap
1 Full-Size Shampoo & Body Wash
1 Diaper Pack
1 Organic Wooden Teether
1 Board Book
$25 Gift Card for Future Baby Boxes
Various Educational Materials & Parenting Tips
*Please do NOT wrap items.
**We are currently not accepting used clothing or toys, diapers, and new large toys. Thank you!