fiariaproject_testimonialsFoster parents and social workers are talking about our Transition Kits…

I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing transition kit we received for our foster son. The sizes were perfect and it was everything we needed and then some! Underwear and socks are always appreciated, but to also have Nike sweatpants, UnderArmor shirts, and jeans was an unexpected surprise. It doesn’t appear that he often had brand name or new clothes, and although we do as much as we can, it’s nice to also have the extra support from places like yours! Again, I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciated this nice act of kindness during a time that is so difficult for them.

– Jenn M., Foster Parent

I just wanted to let you know that the 4 children received your boxes and were very excited about them!  The clothing all seems to be the correct sizes!! The 4 year old was absolutely fixated on the baby dolls and seemed to be really happy and excited to get them. Thank you again so very much!  They had some pretty horrible thoughts running through their little heads about foster care and I’m hoping that these boxes did a little bit to help them see things differently.

– Renee Q., Social Work Supervisor

I wanted to thank you so so much for the wonderful care package that my children received. My daughter sleeps with the doll you all sent every night. My son loves the blanket and they both loved the clothes and paw patrol shampoo! It really warms my heart to see how well thought out and lovingly prepared they were. Thank you so much!

– Jocelyn S., Foster Parent